The Roadblock Facing the Chinese Auto Industry

Filmed at GLG London

In China’s auto industry, innovation often takes a backseat to manufacturing. Despite the number of cars produced in the country every year, Chinese engineers aren’t driving new technology at the same rate as other foreign markets. Auto industry expert Nigel Robley believes the reason for this disparity is two-fold; many Chinese carmakers don’t drive and the notion of “shared knowledge” isn’t in line with Chinese cultural norms. GLG sits down with Nigel Robley to discuss limitations of the domestic auto industry, improving education, and more.

Nigel Robley has more than 35 years of automotive industry experience and currently serves as an independent consultant. From 1987 to 2005, Robley worked at the Ford Motor Company, serving in various leadership roles including Operations Manager, Senior Manager, Programs Manager, and Business Head of Transmissions and Drivelines. He spent the last four years of his time at Ford based in China. Upon his retirement from Ford, Robley worked as a Senior Consultant at the Changan Automobile Group in China, where he established new systems and strategies for the company’s marketing, sales, and product development.

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