Emerging Markets and the Power of the Indian Economy

The term “emerging market” signifies growth, and India’s commitment to reforming and institutionalizing, as well as GDP growth, deems it an emerging market. Dr. Punita Kumar-Sinha emphasizes India’s many strengths and its weaknesses, highlighting the need for women in the Indian economy.

Dr. Punita Kumar-Sinha is the Founder and Managing Partner of Pacific Paradigm Advisors, an independent investment advisory and management firm focused on Asian emerging markets. Kumar-Sinha has deep investment expertise, extensive corporate governance insights, and broad based relationships in Asia, particularly in India. Prior to founding Pacific Paradigm Advisors she was a Senior Managing Director of Blackstone Group, leading Blackstone Asia Advisors as the business unit head and Chief Investment Officer. Kumar-Sinha was also the Senior Portfolio Manager and Chief Investment Officer for The India Fund, the largest India Fund in the US for almost 15 years, The Asia Tigers Fund, and The Asia Opportunities Fund L.P. Before joining Blackstone, Kumar-Sinha was a Managing Director and Senior Portfolio Manager at Oppenheimer and Co., and CIBC World Markets. At CIBC World Markets, Kumar-Sinha was instrumental in opening one of the first India advisory offices for a foreign firm. She has invested in emerging markets for 25 years.

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