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GLG Helps You, Your Firm, and Your Clients
Whether you provide client solutions in a consulting, advertising, public relations, or market research capacity, GLG’s vast network of subject-matter experts is an invaluable asset. Leverage critical market, behavioral, and operational insights to elevate your reputation, serve clients more fully, and convert enthusiastic prospects.


GLG helps consultants gather first-hand expertise to accelerate their research, solve their clients’ most complex challenges, and win new business.


Market Research

GLG helps market research firms expand their capabilities with first-hand expertise, so they can deliver optimal client outcomes and win new business.

Advertising and Public Relations

GLG helps advertising agency and public relations professionals gather expert insight to win new business, and conduct voice of customer research to deliver compelling recommendations to clients.

Help Your Firm Stand Apart
For every way you approach and assist clients, GLG can augment and expand your offer. Learn more about exactly how we can help.
Business Development

Conduct competitive and market reconnaissance to prepare for big pitches and strategic business opportunities.

Project Support

Pinpoint the end customer’s voice, test and refine concepts, and analyze performance for continuous improvement.

Learning and Development

Invest in your future with actionable training and professional growth programs for building, nurturing, and expanding the value and acumen of your staff.

Expert Insights
Stay on track and on point with the constantly evolving professional services world. GLG experts weigh in regularly on trends, market events, innovation, and opportunities to help you remain resonant and relevant.
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