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GLG helps private credit investors evaluate deals, analyze industries, and monitor investments. Whether you’re working on a sponsored deal or sourcing your own, GLG can help you evaluate every investment opportunity within our industry-leading compliance standards.

What We Do

GLG offers robust support across the investment process.


Stay on top of trends and deals in the market through one-on-one meetings, executive introductions, expert-led market mapping in any industry, elite roundtables, events on market trends, and more.

Industry Analysis

Gain certainty in the recommendation you present to the allocation/investment committee, and manage follow-up questions. Access the largest network of expertise through one-on-one calls, private visits, surveys, asset valuations, in-depth expert-led analysis of specific industries, and more.


Support your portfolio companies through regular voice of customer and competitive positioning analysis. Manage potential defaults through channel checks, asset valuations, one-on-one calls with bankruptcy and restructuring experts, and more.


Analysis on the Glass Industry


A private credit firm needed insights about comparable types of packaging and overall demand before lending to a glass packaging company. GLG developed a custom survey to capture past and current usage, obtain a competitive landscape analysis, and conduct a channel check to provide demand data from vendors and suppliers.

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Analysis on Aerospace Company


A private equity client needed to perform company research on an airline fleet’s potential return and receive an overall valuation of the brand legacy before investing. GLG gave investors the insights needed to thoroughly conduct due diligence within a tight 10 day deadline.

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Market Research Insights for Portcos


GLG Surveys executed a survey to deliver consumer insights, allowing a private equity firm to test the potential success of multiple customer loyalty programs it might implement at a portfolio company.

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The GLG Difference

Real-World Expertise

GLG has approximately 1 million Network Members across the globe, spanning industries such as consumer goods, healthcare, technology, industrials, legal and regulatory affairs, and more.

A Trusted Environment

Our teams use industry-leading compliance protocols. We’ve built a safe and trusted environment for Network Members and clients to help protect them from exposing, or being exposed to, confidential information.

Personalized Service

Our service professionals and market research experts work with your team to create a tailored research approach, helping you get answers to your most pressing questions.

Growth Potential in Femtech


Dr. Eric Dy, Cofounder and CEO of Bloomlife, talks about the abundance of maternity technology opportunities in this Q&A.

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Survey: Telemedicine Adoption


GLG recently conducted a survey to answer questions about how both patients and physicians regarded telemedicine. Was it a viable option? And, how did the two groups compare?

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How AI Gives Equities Analysts an Edge


James Ward, CEO of Epistemology, discusses how artificial intelligence may reshape the future of equities analysis.

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