GLG for Private Credit

Make every opportunity count with fast and actionable expert insights. We help private credit investors quickly and efficiently evaluate deals, conduct due diligence, and monitor investments.
GLG for Private Credit
Whether you’re working on a sponsored deal or sourcing your own, GLG can help you evaluate every investment opportunity within our industry-leading compliance standards. With GLG you can:

Assess the market for potential deals and opportunities

Conduct focused due diligence within major or niche companies and industries

Support your portfolio companies or manage potential defaults leveraging expertise across finance, legal, HR, procurement, and others in all sectors and industries

Robust Support Across the Investment Process


Stay on top of trends and deals in the market through one-on-one meetings, executive introductions, expert-led market mapping in any industry, elite roundtables, events on market trends, and more.

Due Diligence

Gain certainty in the recommendation you present to the allocation/investment committee and manage follow-up questions. Access the largest network of expertise through one-on-one calls, private visits, surveys, asset valuations, in-depth expert-led due diligence engagements, and more.


Support your portfolio companies through recurring voice of customer and competitive positioning analysis. Manage potential defaults through channel checks, asset valuations, one on one consultations with bankruptcy and restructuring experts, and more. 

Largest and Most Varied Source of Expertise
GLG’s network of approximately 1 million vetted experts makes us the world’s largest knowledge marketplace. In addition to the Healthcare and Technology expertise detailed below, we can connect you with an expert in any industry or sector anywhere in the world. Our global team recruits experts for specific projects daily, ensuring we deliver the most precise match for every engagement.

GLG’s dedicated team helps healthcare investors stay ahead of trends and new developments by connecting them with the largest and most varied network of key opinion leaders in biotech and pharmaceuticals, services, and medical devices and diagnostics. Learn More


Innovations in technology have contributed to a rapid expansion of the sector. GLG can help you gain insight from seasoned professionals who have experience with semiconductors, networking, cloud storage, communication software, digital music, media buying, and more, providing expertise in all major and niche segments of the tech market.

Custom Recruiting

GLG is committed to delivering precise matches at every engagement. Our global team hand-selects experts for specific client engagements to meet your project needs.

Many Ways to Engage
GLG Consultations

GLG Consultations connect you with experts in niche topics or business in any industry, for a call or an in-person or video meeting.

GLG Events

GLG Events offer real-time engagements, from elite roundtables with senior leaders to teleconferences that follow the markets.

GLG Library

GLG Library gives you access to thousands of teleconference transcripts and webcast replays from events led by our global subject-matter experts.

GLG Placements

GLG Placements bring C-suite professionals to you, so you can staff your team with a deal specialist, build an executive team, or place a board member on an interim or long-term basis.

GLG Projects

GLG Projects engage our experts for longer-term and more in-depth engagements to support you across your investment process — from deal origination and due diligence to portfolio company support. For each engagement, we staff one or more top-tier consultants and subject-matter experts with experience across industries and disciplines.

GLG Surveys

GLG Surveys create B2B panels from the world’s largest and most varied source of firsthand expertise, enabling you to conduct channel checks, voice of customer, and market assessments against highly targeted sample populations.

Best-in-class compliance framework

Our trained professionals arrange every interaction within our comprehensive compliance framework to give our clients confidence that their best interests are being served. Our Network Members sign and annually re-sign our Terms and Conditions of Network Membership, and must complete interactive, sector-specific compliance training. We also offer clients tools to monitor their research activity and implement their own compliance settings.

Need expertise? Get in touch with us to connect to our network of approximately 1 million experts.
GLG Market Research Brings Insights for Portcos

Gathering Customer Perspectives at a Portfolio Company

Huge Growth Potential in Femtech and Maternal Services

Eric Dy, GLG Network Member and Cofounder and CEO of Bloomlife

Telemedicine Survey: Patient and Physician Adoption

GLG Survey Team

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