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Learn how we pioneered the expert economy, helping professionals across all industries get smarter for 25 years.

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The GLG Social Impact Fellowship provides select nonprofits and social enterprises with a two-year pro bono partnership with GLG.

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GLG Research provides quantitative and qualitative insights. GLG Surveys assembles target populations, while GLG Qualitative convenes focus groups, workshops, and discussion panels. GLG Integrated Insights offers market assessments, competitive analyses, and voice-of-customer studies.

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GLG Syndicated Insights unlocks the GLG Library, tens of thousands of archived transcripts, reports, syndicated surveys, webcasts, and invitations to in-person or remote GLG Events.


Identifying the Right Price


GLG sourced 300 enterprise IT executives to participate in a study that helped our client ensure that its pricing structure remained competitive while keeping customers happy.

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The Future of Tesla from Every Angle

Financial Services

In May of 2018, production delays for Tesla’s Model 3, outstanding financial issues, and missed output timetables led to a downgrade of the company’s bonds.

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Machine Learning Data for Smart Cities


In 2018, a major software company was preparing to launch a new product that collected machine learning data for smart cities. Partnering with GLG enabled them to better understand the unmet needs of their key personas.

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We have worked with thousands of clients, companies, and experts to develop the world’s most robust compliance framework for primary research.



Apple Vision Pro — Can It Fuel the Traction of …

The world has been abuzz with excitement and anticipation since Apple announced the impending launch of its new “spatial computing” device, Vision Pro, especially given the tech giant’s record of…


Finding a Securities Expert Witness

In the complex landscape of financial litigation, a securities and trading expert witness can bring a wealth of specialized knowledge to help decipher intricate cases. Securities expert witnesses lend their…


Finding a Human Factors Expert Witness

Human factors, also known as ergonomics, is the scientific discipline that studies the interactions between humans and the systems, products, or environments they engage with. It aims to optimize the…


Finding a Marketing Expert Witness

In marketing-related litigation, the expertise of a marketing expert witness can be invaluable. These professionals bring industry-specific knowledge and experience to help attorneys, judges, and juries understand complex marketing concepts….


Finding a Mining Expert Witness

Mining expert witnesses play a crucial role in legal cases involving mining operations, accidents, disputes, and environmental issues. They are qualified professionals with in-depth knowledge and experience in the mining…


Finding a Surgeon Expert Witness

Expert witnesses play a crucial role in litigation by providing their specialized knowledge and opinions in court cases. Surgeon expert witnesses are medical professionals with extensive experience in surgical procedures….

Featured Experts


Chandini Kumar

Nonprofit Senior Leader

Chandini has a proven track record at nonprofits like Susan G. Komen, The Livestrong Foundation, and Wipe Out Kids’ Cancer. As a highly skilled corporate strategist and communicator with expertise in business, fundraising, and risk management, Chandini now draws on decades of experience in senior leadership roles to provide critical guidance to GLG clients across sectors.

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Vijay Jasuja

Former CEO of SBI Card

Vijay is a top banking, financial services, and insurance executive with more than 40 years of leadership experience across Indian and global markets. His career with the State Bank of India spanned more than 30 years and multiple key roles, including CEO of SBI Card, India’s largest pure play credit card. Since 2019, Vijay has helped GLG clients better understand the complexities of the Indian credit card market.

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Susan Ennis

Media, Entertainment, & Brand Strategist

During Susan’s 36 years at HBO, she helped the network transform from a premium cable channel to a digital streaming powerhouse. Her expertise has been especially sought-after as media players navigate today’s streaming wars. Hear from Susan about how she provides a broader media perspective. 

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Geoff Hobbs

Former Bosch Europe Development Director

A leading expert on renewable heating with 35 years of experience, Geoff advises GLG clients, as well as those at his private UK-based consultancy, on how to navigate new opportunities in complex international heat pump markets—a sector that has suddenly flourished but has few accurate resources and nuanced counsel is scarce.

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