Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine

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Identifying the Right Price


GLG sourced 300 enterprise IT executives to participate in a study that helped our client ensure that its pricing structure remained competitive while keeping customers happy.

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The Future of Tesla from Every Angle

Financial Services

In May of 2018, production delays for Tesla’s Model 3, outstanding financial issues, and missed output timetables led to a downgrade of the company’s bonds.

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Machine Learning Data for Smart Cities


In 2018, a major software company was preparing to launch a new product that collected machine learning data for smart cities. Partnering with GLG enabled them to better understand the unmet needs of their key personas.

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The Russia-Ukraine War and Its Impact on Global…

The economic impact of the Russia-Ukraine conflict largely has been felt in the energy area, with Europe struggling to find substitutes for Russian oil and natural gas. But the conflict…


The State of the Indian Electric Vehicles Industry

The electric vehicle (EV) industry is gaining traction in India. Recent signs show rapid growth, but internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles are holding on to their foothold. Some of this…


How IoT Is Disrupting the Global Elevator Market

Predictive maintenance and technologically powered connectivity in the form of the Internet of Things (IoT) are changing the elevator industry. To find out what these changes are and how they…


Russian Gas Shortage Could Have Deep Reverberat…

Recent factors have had an enormous impact on the petrochemicals and chemical industries that has reverberations down the line. Rising energy prices drive higher prices, fuelling inflation and recessionary worries….


Inflation Is Hitting British Pubs Hard

Britain’s biggest pub operators are facing strong headwinds because of soaring energy and supply chain costs and labor shortages. GLG’s Xavier Peluso recently hosted a teleconference with Paul Pavli, GLG…


Managing Commodity Supply Chain Disruptions

The chemical industry, where I have spent my entire career, is a reliable bellwether of manufacturing trends generally and supply chain issues specifically. A wide range of industries use chemical…

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