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When you need to accelerate your research, an introduction to the right person makes all the difference.

GLG Consultations connect you with an expert for a call or an in-person meeting, so you can gain powerful insights to act with confidence.

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When you need to understand market dynamics and challenges in your industry or see how your customers respond to your brand or product, you need fast and relevant insights.

GLG Events curate live engagements that respond to shifts in the market, from roundtables and teleconferences to custom workshops and focus groups.

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When you want to hear deep insight about market moving news and trends from industry leading experts.

GLG Library gives you access to thousands of teleconference transcripts and webcast replays from events led by our global subject-matter experts.
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When unexpected opportunities or challenges arise, you may not have the right knowledge in house to get to the best result.

GLG Placements bring C-suite professionals to you, from short-term speaking engagements and learning and development programs to interim and long-term placements.

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When you need to understand a very specialized market, people with first-hand experience provide the most powerful insights.

GLG Projects engage our experts for longer-term and more in-depth engagements. For each engagement, we staff one or more top-tier consultants and subject-matter experts with experience across industries and disciplines.


When you need to test an idea against real-world data, you want to reach the right groups quickly.

GLG Surveys create B2B panels from the world’s largest and most varied source of first-hand expertise, helping you field-test strategies and gain insight into broad trends or highly targeted sample populations.

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