Breaking Down the Barriers between China and the West

Filmed at GLG London

As economic growth in China has slowed in recent years, the need for large companies to look beyond the country’s borders seems unavoidable. According to Fred Ng, a corporate turnaround specialist, big Chinese companies owe a disproportionate portion of their success to their share of the domestic market. Ng maintains that businesses in China must diversify and explore new markets if they want to grow into large-scale multinational corporations. The underlying problem, he feels, is a mutual distrust and lack of understanding between Chinse business leaders and their Western counterparts.

Fred Ng sits down with GLG in London to discuss breaking down barriers, the state of the Chinese economy, and more. Fred Ng is a consultant specializing in cross-border investments in Asia. With 25 years’ advisory and executive experience in 20 countries across Asia and Europe, Ng is an authority on both the buy- and sell-side of mergers and acquisitions as well as corporate restructuring. He currently works at BM&T as the Managing Director of Asia Pacific. He is also a Director at Ace Consultants.

Previously, Ng was an advisor and CFO at Ferretti—one of the world’s largest luxury yacht makers. He has industry experience in media and entertainment, building materials, glass and ceramics, real estate, printing, telecommunication, oil and gas, professional services, hospitality, textiles, consumer goods, and plastics.

Ng is formerly a visiting lecturer at Manchester Business School as well as a frequent speaker on corporate restructuring and other Chinese business issues. He is also a founding member of the Institute for Turnaround (IFT)—a leading professional body of accredited experts for distressed companies. Ng is fluent in English, Cantonese, Mandarin, and speaks basic Italian.

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