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Organizations face thousands of complex, pressing decisions: How do leaders navigate their next investment, conduct market research, or mitigate risk so they beat the competition?

They call GLG.

GLG experts share their expertise with clients through opportunities such as phone calls, in-person events, and online surveys that are paid at an hourly rate of their choosing and typically billed in one-hour increments.

Benefits of Choosing GLG

Easily engage on industry topics you already know – at your convenience and in every stage of your career, between jobs, or in retirement.

Get Paid

Pick your hourly rate and payment will be directly deposited after each completed project.

New Perspectives

Gain as much insight from GLG clients as they do from you while also enjoying access to exclusive GLG content, webcasts, and transcripts in and outside of your industry.

Trust & Confidence

Share your expertise in a safe environment with GLG’s industry-leading compliance standards that help manage conflicts of interests and safeguard confidential information.

How We Work Together

Complete a GLG Profile

Tell us your expertise details, take our tutorial, and GLG teams will find you through sophisticated tools when you match with a project.


Monitor Open Opportunities

We email you potential client project matches as soon as we find them.

Respond in Real Time

When you accept a project invite, our team presents you (and potentially other experts) to our client. We’ll let you know if the client chooses you.

Get Paid

Once a project is completed, we directly deposit payment to your bank account.

Keep in Touch

Stay connected with your GLG Member Success partner to help find your next GLG opportunity.

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Help us keep building the world’s premier community of experts.

Explore GLG Insights


Access GLG’s Library of transcripts and webcasts and other content from fellow Network Members.

GLG in Action


Discover more about the work we do.

Featured Expertise


Nigel Lim

Founder, Payboy

Payboy is a leading player in the Southeast Asia market that offers businesses an expansive suite of efficient HR management solutions. GLG clients from around the world turn to Nigel for his sharp insight into the burgeoning market of enterprise payroll processing software.

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Susan Ennis

Media, Entertainment, & Brand Strategist

During Susan’s 36 years at HBO, she helped the network transform from a premium cable channel to a digital streaming powerhouse. Her expertise has been especially sought-after as media players navigate today’s streaming wars. Hear from Susan about how she provides a broader media perspective. 

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Geoff Hobbs

Former Bosch Europe Development Director

A leading expert on renewable heating with 35 years of experience, Geoff advises GLG clients, as well as those at his private UK-based consultancy, on how to navigate new opportunities in complex international heat pump markets—a sector that has suddenly flourished but has few accurate resources and nuanced counsel is scarce.

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