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GLG Network Members By The Numbers

$1 Billion+


Since 1999, GLG has paid over $1 billion in
consulting fees to our Network Members.



GLG Network Members offer diverse perspectives from over 150 countries.

~1 Million


GLG Network Members are experts in their
fields in every industry.

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GLG is an exclusive network of executives and industry experts who share insights and get access to unique benefits, events, and opportunities.
1. Get paid for 1:1 phone calls and responding to client surveys.
2. Interact with executives at leading companies eager to understand your unique perspective.
3. Gain insights and benefits from GLG and other Network Members.

Network Members connect with our clients in a Trusted Environment and with an entirely tailored experience — over the phone or in person, through virtual events, or longer-term projects or board opportunities. Positions and project participation are always at Network Member’s discretion.

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