Mobile Payments 2.0

We can thank artificial intelligence and authentication technology for the explosive growth of mobile payments, argues Kameliya Vladimirova, former Head of Mobile Payments Strategy at Visa. Both help to define what she calls “Mobile Payments 2.0,” the next generation of payments. In Mobile Payments 2.0, a smarter aggregation of user data across platforms, from speech-recognition devices to mobile and desktop, will create a more seamless experience for consumers.

About Kameliya Vladimirova

Kameliya Vladimirova is a payments and financial services industry expert with over 14 years of executive management expertise in digital payments and mobile wallet solutions. She has worked at Visa, Wells Fargo, and HSBC. At Visa, Vladimirova led digital wallet and mobile payments product strategy for two payment products, Visa Checkout and mVisa. From 2007 to 2012, she served as VP of Payments Product Marketing Strategy at Wells Fargo. Currently, Kameliya is CEO of Ecolate, an online healthy nutrition marketplace.

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