Protecting Information and Preventing Fraud in a More Connected World

There’s a shift happening in IT departments around the world, their make-up and technology are evolving to combat new threats and to protect new forms of information. Lloyd Hessions shares how he thinks about the risks and responsibilities of a more connected world.

Lloyd Hession is a highly accomplished practitioner in cyber-security, technology risk and intellectual property protection. As a former senior executive and Chief Security Officer of Bridgewater Associates L.P. and BT Global, he has built and led world-class teams and cutting-edge capabilities at global corporations. Mr. Hession currently advises buy-side firms, private equity and sovereign wealth funds, including Bridgewater. He has also been on advisory boards for the NSA, Department of Defense, Federal Reserve Board of Governors, the ECB and has been extensively quoted in the media. He has pioneered innovative approaches to threat mitigation and risk management, that draw upon his broad career background as a Bain management consultant, financial services technologist, industry analyst, transformational outsourcing vendor and security expert. His areas of expertise include: technology and enterprise risk management, information security, operational risk, privacy and regulatory compliance, intellectual property protection.

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