Precision Medicine in Childhood Cancer Treatments

Dr. Andrew Kung shares about his team’s focus, the clinical implementation of sequencing precision medicine, and how they tailor treatment plans to support children and their families during all stages of the treatment process.

Andrew Kung, MD, PhD, is Chief of Pediatric Hematology, Oncology, and Stem Cell Transplantation at Columbia University. His clinical expertise is in pediatric hematology and oncology and pediatric bone marrow transplantation. Dr. Kung’s basic science research interests are centered on understanding basic mechanisms contributing to cancer, and the development of anti-tumor therapies based on such knowledge. His specific areas of interest are drug discovery, tumor-specific transcription, stem cell biology, animal tumor models, in vivo imaging, and the development of anti-tumor therapeutics based on disrupting tumor-specific signal transduction. Also, Dr. Kung has served as a Consultant at pharmaceutical company, biotech companies, and start-ups.

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