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GLG helps private equity firms improve performance and reduce risk. Whether you need help with idea generation and origination or support for your targeted company research, GLG helps you gain qualitative and quantitative insights throughout the deal flow.

Use Cases

GLG supports more than 900 global private equity funds at every stage
of the deal life cycle.


An increasingly competitive private equity landscape requires sponsors to find new ways to uncover deals. GLG provides:

  • Consultation calls with industry experts
  • Industry market analyses
  • Origination workshops

Company Research

GLG can help firms gain conviction or walk away from bad deals quickly. Services include:

  • Surveys and written deliverables
  • Access to subject-matter experts for deal teams
  • Interactive conversations about industry trends through virtual and live events

Value Creation

GLG Calls help private equity firms focus on delivering value and achieving target returns. We also provide:

  • Board placements and top executive talent
  • High-impact, project-based consulting
  • Short-term staffing and project management

GLG Across the Private Equity Deal Life Cycle

Explore GLG’s unique solutions across the PE deal funnel.

Power your decisions with the kind of insights that can come only from real-world expertise. Drawing from the experience of approximately 1 million Network Members, GLG supports private equity professionals at every stage of the deal life cycle.

Company Research
Value Creation


Connecting deal teams with operators and backable executives to explore new investment themes, map markets, and uncover viable targets


Meetings with custom-recruited executives to accelerate sourcing and enhance your industry connections


Targeted insights and expertise that help investment professionals gain conviction, mitigate risk, and make better-informed decisions


Support the “100-Day Plan” with former C-level executives and/or functional experts with in-field experience to help drive the organizational improvements and address specific issues


Finding and placing effective, directors/special advisors aligned with your goals to support a portfolio company’s long-term success


Flexible third party consulting that leverages GLG’s dedicated team of top-tier consultants and unmatched bench of approximately 1 million experts to support your growth objectives


COVID-19’s Impact on Portfolio Companies


GLG delivered quantitative and qualitative insights needed to evaluate the impact of COVID-19 on a firm’s portfolio companies. This gave the firm the clarity needed to develop a strategy to meet its changing technology needs.

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Analysis on Aerospace Company


A private equity client needed to perform company research on an airline fleet’s potential return and receive an overall valuation of the brand legacy before investing. GLG gave investors the insights needed to thoroughly conduct due diligence within a 10-day deadline.

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Market Research: Insights for Portcos


GLG Surveys executed a survey to deliver consumer insights, allowing a private equity firm to test the potential success of multiple customer loyalty programs it might implement at a portfolio company.

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The GLG Difference

Real-World Expertise

GLG has approximately 1 million Network Members across the globe, spanning industries such as consumer goods, healthcare, technology, industrials, legal and regulatory affairs, and more.

A Trusted Environment

Our teams use industry-leading compliance protocols. We’ve built a safe and trusted environment for Network Members and clients to help protect them from exposing, or being exposed to, confidential information.

Personalized Service

Our service professionals and market research experts work with your team to create a tailored research approach, helping you get answers to your most pressing questions.

Opportunities in Industrial Water


Stefan Abramo, GLG Network Member and former Vice President and General Manager at Evoqua Water Technologies, discusses water-related industrial demand in underdeveloped regions.

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Mapping the Trajectory of ESG Investing


GLG spoke to Libby Bernick, CEO of Impact Cubed and the former head of sustainability at Morningstar, to find out where ESG investing is headed.

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Unlock Deeper Insights with Expert Calls


Learn how you can leverage expert calls at every stage of the investment cycle from idea generation to value creation.

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