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GLG connects you to experts within niche areas of the financial services industry who can help inform your go-to-market strategies and uncover opportunities for product innovation.

Who We Help

Retail and Commercial Banking

GLG helps banking professionals add value, understanding how to embrace digitalization and explore banking as a service (BaaS).


FinTech companies turn to GLG to better understand channel management, marketing and advertising, ESG investing trends, and opportunities to expand their product lines.


Neobanks work with GLG to understand the full breadth of their competitive landscape and how to maximize profits through an alternative banking model.


GLG helps insurance companies understand new competitors and product offerings that are reshaping the industry, as well as customers’ evolving insurance needs.

How We Help

Product Strategy

Understand how new products and innovations are viewed in the market.

Competitor Analysis

Learn who your competitors are and analyze the difference in your product offerings.

Risk Management

Talk to experts and leverage key insights about regulatory changes and internal procedures to ensure a positive experience for customers and manage all areas of risk.

Digital Transformation

Stay up to date on product innovations, as well as marketing and advertising opportunities.

The GLG Difference

Real-World Expertise

GLG’s insight network consists of approximately 1 million experts, including 120,000+ professionals with first-hand experience working across financial services.

Bespoke Industry Research

Our service professionals and market research experts work with your team to create a tailored research approach, across any area of your business.

Niche Experience

Our recruitment team continuously expands our network to add executives from new and niche areas of the financial services industry.

Expert Insights

Customer and Buyer Research


A product marketing team at a large B2B technology company came to GLG seeking to better understand the buyer personas they should target for an upcoming product launch.

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How AI Gives Equities Analysts an Edge

Financial Services

AI saves equities analysts time, and allows them to be objective and think strategically.

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Inform a New Product Strategy


A consulting firm came to GLG to connect with senior finance and technology decision makers at top pharma companies to understand their needs and preferences in revenue management solutions.

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E-commerce Acquisition

Retail Industry

Amazon purchased Selz to expand its engineering capabilities. The acquisition will expand what Amazon can offer brand owners around the world.

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What Is Conjoint Analysis?

Best Practices

Conjoint analysis is a research method most often used for new product and feature pricing, along with determining the best feature and benefit mix.

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