Decisions in the Admissions Office

Jeffrey Brenzel, former Dean of Undergraduate Admissions at Yale, explains the elusive process by which admissions committees admit applicants and how this approach can be applied to help make better business decisions.

Interviewed by Eric Jaffe, GLG’s Head of Research for NAFS


“What [we’re] trying to do is assemble the most interesting collection of people from the widest possible set of backgrounds and with the widest range of talents and aspirations.”


About Jeffrey Brenzel

Jeffrey Brenzel was the Dean of Undergraduate Admissions at Yale from 2005-2013. From 1997 to 2005, he served as Executive Director of the Association of Yale Alumni. He now acts as a senior advisor to Yale President Peter Salovey on national and global issues in higher education and lectures in humanities and philosophy. In addition to consulting for education technology ventures, Brenzel has worked in association management for the National Association of Securities Dealers, the Kentucky Chamber of Commerce, and the Michigan Chamber of Commerce. He is the founder of InterLearn, Inc., an investor-backed venture that uses new media and technologies to produce career education and liberal arts programs for adult learners. Brenzel is a graduate of Yale and holds a Ph.D. in Philosophy from the University of Notre Dame.


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