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GLG provides our clients the insight they need to confidently expand their business, make informed strategic decisions, effectively develop products, and go to market with confidence. Our trusted market research team helps you identify the research approach that will provide the clarity you need to meet your most important business objectives.

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Get the first-hand insight you need to solve your challenges and advise business decisions with confidence.

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Best-in-Class Populations

GLG brings you the world’s largest network of experts and industry professionals. Our approximately 1 million Network Members allow us to provide global representation of key personas and niche target audiences.

Dedicated Research Teams

Our clients work with our dedicated team of market research professionals for end-to-end research engagements.

Focused Methodologies

Let GLG’s insight and experience guide your research decisions, such as running qualitative or quantitative research, effectively gathering insights, and creating custom reports to communicate findings.

Inform Your Research with GLG as Your Guide

When to Conduct Message Testing


When your company is developing messaging around a new or existing product, solution, or brand, message testing is a critical tool to help connect your message with what your customers care about.

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Getting Value-Based Pricing Right


Establishing the right price isn’t easy. Value-based pricing focuses on how to optimally monetize a brand’s value.

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Put Your Value Proposition to the Test


You’ve brainstormed, discussed, and decided that this value proposition is the best. But is it? Before you get here, pause, and put it to the test. If you’re developing a product, concept testing is an essential step.

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