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GLG is the world’s largest expert witness network with approximately 1 million professionals across virtually every sector. Every engagement begins with a discussion of your specific expert needs with our dedicated team. There is no fee for starting an expert witness search with GLG.


Your GLG Research Manager consults our expert witness directory of approximately 1 million Network Members to identify the best fit for your case. If we don’t already work with the ideal expert, we’ll identify and recruit the right person.


GLG sends you the bio, CV, and detailed responses to screening questions for each expert witness we propose. We arrange complimentary screening calls with all proposed experts to validate their expertise.


Once we have found the right expert witness, GLG handles all billing. You receive one monthly bill. Our experts’ hourly rates include GLG’s facilitation fees; there are no additional costs.

The GLG Difference

Traditional Expert Witnesses Process
GLG Process
Traditional Expert Witnesses Process
Law firm partners and associates
GLG Process
Dedicated GLG Account Manager and Client Solutions Managers with years of experience in identifying the best expert witnesses
Traditional Expert Witnesses Process
Client connections, experts from prior cases, Google and firm-wide email blast
GLG Process
Tailored search of premier network, approximately 1 million experts, nuanced vetting to ensure best fit and custom recruiting
What it means
Traditional Expert Witnesses Process
Racking up inefficient, often nonbillable hours; high risk of not finding the right expert for the case
GLG Process
Certainty around finding the best expert for every case; less time wasted on generic, nonbillable searches
Traditional Expert Witnesses Process
Suboptimal client outcome
GLG Process
Optimized client outcome

GLG Law Provides Support throughout the Litigation Client Life Cycle

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Claim Construction
Dispositive Motions

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75% of the AM Law 100

Top in-house legal departments

Hundreds of law firms globally

Expert Witness Spotlights

Molecular Lab Equipment Expert

Expert Witness, Healthcare

A law firm sought an expert witness with experience in molecular diagnostic lab equipment. GLG placed an expert to evaluate the equipment just a week later.

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Prescription Drug Efficacy Expert

Expert Witness, Healthcare

A law firm sought an expert witness with experience in the efficacy of prescription drugs. GLG placed an expert to testify two days before the deadline.

View Spotlight

Radiopharma Expert

Expert Witness, Healthcare

A law firm sought an expert witness with experience in radiopharmaceutical drugs. GLG sourced four experts, and the client retained two within its deadline.

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