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GLG connects diversified manufacturing, chemical, and energy companies with buyers, end users, and other difficult-to-access subject matter experts. GLG’s proprietary panel of experts powers all of our consultations, surveys, and events, so you can rely on the insights they provide.

The GLG Difference

Real-World Expertise

GLG’s insight network consists of approximately 1 million experts, including 210,000 professionals with hands-on experience in the industrials, chemicals, and materials sectors.

Personalized Service

Our service professionals and market research experts work with your team to create a tailored research approach, helping you get answers to your most pressing questions.

Inside Access to Your Markets

GLG events, daily webcasts, and conferences exhibit our Network Members’ expertise in the energy, industrials, and chemicals markets.

Use Cases

Analyze Market Opportunities

Reach potential customers to identify unmet needs and new end markets for chemicals, industrial machinery, technology, and more.

Benchmark Against Competition

Stay up to date on the latest technologies and trends that might shape your corporate strategy.

Conduct M&A Research

Quickly gain conviction or walk away from bad deals with a 360-degree approach to M&A research.

Segment Your Market

Create the right personas and stay customer-centric with user and buyer research.

Spur Innovation

Consult with experts to spark new ideas and gut-check new offerings.


Assessing IoT Growth Opportunities


By pairing an experienced market research team with a panel of highly relevant subject matter experts, GLG helped a client test their messaging to target a group of original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).

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Market Sizing for Industrial Equipment


When a major industrial company was building out a five-year product roadmap, GLG helped them better understand the North American market for their products.


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Due Diligence on Aerospace


GLG’s client received timely quantitative and qualitative insights needed to evaluate an investment opportunity, giving them clarity to make the best decision before their deadline.

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Network Member Categories

Plant Managers

Professionals who evaluate plant technology and look for data-driven solutions to optimize industrial automation.

Operations Leaders

Supervisors who oversee multiple manufacturing facilities and assess the ROI for adding enhanced equipment monitoring.

Process Engineers

Planners who manage the process of transforming chemicals and materials into products.

Environmental Health and Safety Specialists

Specialists who understand the impact of chemicals on the environment and track sustainability trends and emissions.

Supply Chain Experts

Market participants who have a unique understanding of how your product reaches its end user.


Need for Speed in Advanced Industrials


Industrial companies should take a page from tech and CPG and implement a faster process for growth.


Robotics in Industrial Automation


Industrial robots are increasingly an integral part of the rapidly growing warehousing and logistics market.


Bioplastics Industry


Bioplastics are set to radically transform the plastics industry with a projected growth of 36% in the next five years.

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