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The best and fastest way to field test your strategies.
Your Key Decisions, Guided by Quantitative Data from the World’s Insight Network
Whether you need to evaluate entering a market, monitor current investments, quickly test a new idea, or optimize your messaging, our experienced team of quantitative researchers can help you reach the right groups and execute surveys that meet your research objectives.
Voice of Customer

Put your customer at the center of your strategy with insights straight from hard-to-reach populations

Market, Company, and Competitive Assessment

Use a mix of qualitative and quantitative data to make a decision on a particular target or for entering a new market

Pricing Research

Conjoint analysis and more, with panels made up of your ideal buyer profile

Channel Checks

Analyze supply chains and distribution networks to better understand how a company operates and performs within its industry

Brand Equity Tracking

Get unbiased feedback on how the market values your company, product, or target investment

Unique Access to Precise Survey Segments
GLG Surveys assemble trusted samples from the world’s largest and most varied source of first-hand expertise so you can quickly field test your strategies.
Precise Matches

We deliver the best people to answer your most difficult questions. Our experts are screened, with profiles that offer extensive insights into their background and expertise.

Unique Access

We bring you the world’s largest and most varied source of first-hand expertise. Create B2B panels built from more than 900,000 network members, and access an additional 10 million+ professionals and consumers through our panel partners. 

Verified Data

We build quality validation into all stages of the Survey process, with careful review of respondents and controls to prevent fraudulent or duplicate panelists. Once a survey is complete, we thoroughly review the final data before it reaches you.

Highest Standards

Our unparalleled Compliance Framework provides for a thoughtful approach to survey design and review, and allows clients to access insights from current industry professionals in a manner that respects their obligations to employers and other third parties.

Supported by GLG’s Market Research Experts
Our team of research specialists supports all phases of a project, from scoping and questionnaire design to panel selection, quality review, and data interpretation.

Global team of 125 survey research specialists from a variety of backgrounds – market researchers, professional service firms, technology, and education backgrounds

800+ combined years of market research experience with more than 40 advanced degrees

Extensive experience running projects across multiple sectors, including technology and industrials, medical devices and pharmaceuticals, private and public equity, and finance and investment

GLG’s Surveys team are industry thought leaders. Access their expertise below.
The Top 8 Tenets of Survey Design

Tactical survey design can mean the difference between a great survey experience and a truly terrible one. Make sure you’re considering these 8 key guidelines.

Surveying Basics: The Right Way to Reach Respondents

The best way to ensure quality data is to ensure that your panel accurately represents your target. Stand out from the noise and get the right people to respond to your survey by meeting them in a space that is accessible and familiar to them.

Are You Running the Right Survey for the Wrong Reason?

The goal of a survey is to objectively test a hypothesis. Don’t allow bias to creep into your surveys, either in your design or in your respondent pool.

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