Your Key Decisions, Guided by Quantitative Data

Whether you need to evaluate entry into a market, quickly test a new idea, or optimize your messaging, our experienced team of quantitative researchers can help you reach the right groups and execute surveys that meet your research objectives on your timetable.

Market, Company, and Competitive Assessment
Benchmark target companies, find M&A and IPO opportunities, and analyze brand equity

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Concept Testing
Understand customer interest in new value propositions and product ideas

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Product Optimization (Conjoint Analysis)
Uncover value drivers and optimize product features and pricing

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Pricing Research
Understand customers’ willingness to pay for products and services

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Message Testing
Analyze if your message resonates with your customer when they arrive at their purchase decision

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Voice of Customer
Understand what your customers consider valuable and what makes them loyal

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Market, Company, and Competitive Assessment Use Cases:

  • Understand how your target company is benchmarked against key competitors   
  • Understand the state of the industry, including tailwind and headwind, barriers to entry, regulatory environment, and other relevant M&A and IPO opportunities in the coming years 
  • Access dedicated guidance for brand equity and tracking studies 
  • Assess markets and competition for areas of expansion, and conduct in-depth company analysis to inform your strategy 
  • Get a clearer view of your impact, advantages, and challenges 
  • Learn who your competitors are and analyze the difference in your product offerings 
  • Reach potential customers to identify unmet needs and new end markets 
  • Stay up to date on the latest technologies and trends that might shape your strategy


Concept Testing Use Cases:

  • Confirm customer interest in a new value proposition 
  • Use customer feedback to systematically improve a value proposition 
  • Validate new value propositions and use cases for an existing technology or product 
  • Understand whether customers will buy your products  

Product Optimization (Conjoint Analysis) Use Cases:

  • Understand what features drive product value from a customer perspective
  • Optimize the feature and price mix for a new product
  • Simulate customer preferences of different product options and prices
  • Assess preferences of different product options and prices

Pricing Research Use Cases:

  • Determine the best price for a new product or service in its competitive environment 
  • Optimize price for one or more existing products versus competitors
  • Test prices for bundled versus stand-alone products

Message Testing Use Cases:

  • Select the best message, name, or image from a list of options 
  • Optimize messages or taglines based on customer feedback 
  • Understand intuitive associations that messages evoke among customers 
  • Unlock an effective plan for downstream marketing  

Voice of Customer Use Cases:

  • Understand current and prospective customers’ purchasing journey, use case, and pain points  
  • Understand customer loyalty and satisfaction, net promoter score, and concerns related to potential company change of leadership 
  • Understand who is using products and services how, when, and why  
  • Understand customers’ needs, expectations, and pain points when using or buying products today
  • Understand customers’ perspective on market developments

Preferred Partner for Survey Research

Highest Quality Control Measures

Capturing nuance is crucial, which is why we carefully select and manually review respondents. We have some of the lowest sample toss rates in the industry, helping you obtain more reliable results.

Access to In-Demand and Uncommon Populations of Experts

We have populations readily available that you can’t find at B2B market research firms, including lab professionals, IT decision makers, trade professionals, medical professionals, B2B customers, and many more.

Unique C-Suite Access

Not only does our network have thousands of current and former C-suite leaders, but we’ve also built strong relationships with them, which is why they take the time to answer our surveys.

Partners in Design

Elevate the impact of your surveys through best-in-class survey design. We’ll work with you to develop the right choices that increase engagement and inspire thoughtful responses.

Highest Compliance Standards

Our thoughtful approach maintains a trusted environment for respondents to share appropriate insights while respecting their obligations and mitigating the risk of exposure to confidential information.

Experienced Teams

Our skilled team of quantitative researchers can help you reach the right audience, execute surveys, and deliver your results in a format that meets your needs.

Reach a Variety of Experts across Every Sector

Our Network Members are available when you need to query high-level audiences in any industry:

Technology, Media & Telecommunications
Consumer Goods & Services
Energy & Industrials
Healthcare & Biomedical

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