We bring the power of insight to every great professional decision.

We are the World’s Insight Network, bringing decision makers the insight it takes to get ahead. When leaders need to make informed decisions, GLG provides meaningful connections through our network of experts, the world’s most varied and qualified source of first-hand expertise, with thousands of experts recruited daily to tackle tomorrow’s questions.

GLG provides an unparalleled Trusted Environment, with an industry-leading compliance framework built on integrity and trust that fuels our clients’ confidence to move forward.

With GLG you can act with the confidence that comes from true clarity.

GLG In Action

Our Clients

We serve half of the Fortune 100 companies and the majority of the Top 10 global:

Largest Private Equity Funds

Leading Banks

Largest Technology Firms

Largest Law Firms

Largest Pharma Companies

Leading Management & Strategy Consultancies

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Our Purpose & Values

At GLG, we bring the power of insight to every great professional decision. We are guided by our culture of high performance and compassion, as well as our shared values:


We operate with a common purpose.


We constantly redefine the category.


We are open and inclusive.


We fuel the unique insight in everyone.


We relentlessly prioritize the experience of our clients and experts.

Board of Directors

Roger C. Freeman (Chair)

Mark Gerson (Co-Founder)

John Goldsmith

Thomas D. Lehrman (Co-Founder)

Edward Nicoll

Gemma Postlethwaite (CEO)

Thomas P. Salice

Ahmad A. Sheikh

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