Validate Your Value Proposition with Potential Customers

If you consider innovation your pathway for growth, you want to know early on that the products and services you are developing will be received successfully. You want clear, data-backed insights on whether you are delivering against your strategic intent and KPIs. What’s more, you need these insights to be customer-driven.

Leverage GLG to Drive Innovation

Test and Confirm

Key performance indicators tell us what a concept accomplishes and where it fails to land – as perceived by customers.

We learn if the value proposition is understood, credible, and differentiated from what is available today. Our research will also reveal whether customers perceive your concept to add value and provide economic benefits.

Optimise and Develop

The sooner you test, the more flexibility you have to enhance an initial concept and create a product that customers truly want.

Through what-if scenarios, you learn what benefits and features excite customers and which you can omit. Scenarios can include price variations to reveal customers’ willingness to pay for a new product or service.

Target Purchase Decision Makers and Their Influencers

Talking to the wrong audiences while in product development wastes time and money. To gain unmatched confidence, you need to test your value proposition with just the right stakeholders.

GLG’s Insight Network can provide access to those who matter most for the commercial success of your future products and services: potential buyers and their influencers.

Understand How GLG Can Help You…

Testing a Medical Technology Concept

Case Study

Testing value propositions for highly sophisticated new technology is not an easy task. It requires access to the right target populations and state-of-the-art research methods.

GLG helped a global medical technology company test its new concept by integrating the best of qualitative and quantitative research.

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Testing Your Value Proposition


Asking customers for feedback drives confidence in decision-making. GLG assists clients in gathering valuable insight about new products and services before critical investments are made.

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