Drive Product Success with Concept Testing Research

When you’re developing a new product or service or optimizing a current product, you want to make sure that you’re minimizing your risk. A concept testing survey can help you:

Confirm customer interest in a new value proposition

Use customer feedback to improve a value proposition

Validate new value propositions and use cases for an existing product

Test Concepts at Various Stages of Product Development


Reduce innovation risks by testing the water with the right audiences who matter most for the commercial success of your future products and services.


Learn which benefits and features excite customers and which you can omit for cost savings through “what-if” scenarios. Scenarios can include price variations to determine customers’ willingness to pay for a new product or service.

Testing and Confirming

Learn if your value proposition is understood, credible, and differentiated from what is available today, and reveal whether customers perceive your concept to add value and provide economic benefits.

Leading Concept Testing Research Agency

Reduce common innovation risks and make smarter product development decisions with GLG’s leading concept testing survey methodology.

Unbiased Feedback

GLG’s methodology eliminates bias by removing tailored rating questions, processes that impose client priorities on the customer, and rushed premature judgments, putting the power to indicate preferences in the respondent’s hands.

Powerful Analysis

Receive deliverables such as a concept heatmap, helping you to determine what in your value proposition your (potential) customers consider valuable and what needs to be improved.

Identify Winning Product Concepts

Interact with deliverables that help you understand and apply your results with confidence.

Concept feedback includes a heatmap reflecting what respondents liked most and what they highlighted as “needs improvement.”

Performance ratings reveal how much respondents consider a concept as fully or mostly meeting expectations (credibility, economic value, etc.).

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