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Adhering to the highest compliance standards, our integrated market research methodologies marry the expertise of our internal solutions team with the real-world insights of our network of approximately 1 million experts.

Do you need to better understand a market? What product features does your customer really want? What messaging resonates with them best? Is your pricing optimal?

GLG’s Integrated Insights can help answer questions like these.

Solve Your Clients’ Challenges with Confidence

Product Development

Outline and understand the customer experience by mapping their path, identifying pitfalls and unmet needs, and collecting feedback.

Pricing Research

Understand the relationship between cost and value to optimize your product and meet customer preferences.

Message Testing

Measure how your message resonates with your target audience to determine what is most likely to motivate action.

Voice of Customer

Gain a deeper understanding of your customers’ perspectives, pain points, and criteria for journey mapping, loyalty, and affinity.

Market Understanding

Identify and capitalize on strengths and opportunities while mitigating weaknesses and threats in a new or changing market.

Competitive Evaluation

Access dedicated guidance for brand equity and tracking studies from subject matter experts to help measure business impact.

Engage GLG to Scale Your Business Operations

Research & Development

Discover potential opportunities and incubate innovative ideas.

Product Management Framework

Explore unmet market needs and test new concepts to inform end-to-end product development.

Market Insights

Apply a variety of research methodologies to gather intelligence about any market.

Market Strategy

Assess new market opportunities, competitive climate, and organizational best practices.

User Experience Research

Test and improve new and existing product experiences; discover and fill gaps.

Marketing/Sales Enablement

Understand how marketing messaging might resonate with your audience for introduction, brand awareness, and evangelism.

Read About Some Recent GLG Research Engagements​

Planning a Product Launch


A medical device company planned to launch a new device in the United States. GLG’s research helped them align the right pricing and features to the target audience so they could proceed with confidence.

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Planning for a New Drug/Device


A biotech company turned to GLG to commission a forecasting study that combined qualitative and quantitative methodologies in order to plan for the demand of a new drug/device combination.

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Assessing IoT Growth Opportunities


By pairing an experienced market research team with a panel of highly relevant subject matter experts, GLG helped pinpoint sales messaging for the right OEMs.

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Breaking into the European Market


To strategize which markets to enter first as well as which products to prioritize for development, a pharmaceutical company turned to GLG for a careful balance of qualitative and quantitative research analysis.

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Our experts have deep research experience. Read some of their best practices.

Three Ways to Apply Qualitative Research


There are three popular ways to conduct qualitative research: focus groups, online discussion boards, and senior advisors. Depending on your needs and budget, each approach—or a combination— may be appropriate for your project.

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What Is Conjoint Analysis?


Conjoint analysis is a powerful form of value-based pricing research for new product and feature pricing, and is also helpful for determining the best feature/benefit mix for your market.

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What Type of Survey Do You Need?


What type of survey is best given your research goals? GLG explores the six most common types of surveys and what each can help you learn.

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