Demand Planning for a New Drug/Device Combination

Developing a sales forecast model to secure continued product investment


Our client, a recently acquired biotech company, wanted to secure continued investment in its newly developed drug/device combination. To advocate for the required investment level needed, it came to GLG looking to commission an independent forecast that included projected client demand in various patient segments, as well as projected U.S. sales under many competitive scenarios over the next 5-10 years. The client had a three-week timeline to complete the forecast before presenting it to its parent company.

The GLG Approach

GLG staffed a project team that included an experienced market researcher and a former healthcare industry executive. The team conducted secondary research on the competitive landscape so that they could develop qualitative and quantitative questionnaires to assess adoption rates by various patient segments.

Once the client approved the questionnaires, the project team conducted qualitative interviews with 20 neurologists to identify how they view competitive products and what might drive them to adopt this new product. The team also commissioned a short survey against a panel of 70 neurologists to assess the product’s adoption potential in key patient segments.


Within three weeks of launch, the project team provided the client with the data and analysis it needed. The final report included current and future market size, projected 5-to-10-year net sales, target patient segmentation, and key messaging factors for a successful launch. GLG delivered valuable insights to support the client’s investment decision-making process.

Why GLG?

GLG helped a biotech company plan for the demand of a new drug/device combination by commissioning a forecasting study that combined qualitative and quantitative methodologies.

Dedicated Servicing Team:

GLG identified and staffed the project leads: an experienced market researcher and a former operating executive with industry experience in the neurology subsector.

Best-in-Class Expertise:

GLG sourced 20 KOL-level neurologists for qualitative interviews and 70 neurologists for an online survey.

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