Jeff Kindler: Difficult but Essential – COVID-19 and a Vaccine

More than six months into the pandemic, COVID-19 is still not under control in the United States. With cases continuing to rise in what looks like to be a severe second stage of infection, the hope for a vaccine is a lifeline for both the mental health of individuals and an economy stretched thin.  

In this episode of Deciding Factors, Jeff Kindler, the former CEO, Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, talks about how – though a challenging endeavor vaccine development for COVID-19 is a massive collaborative effort between academia, private industry, and government institutions. He stresses that the vaccine is essential but the road to its development and distribution isn’t as easy as moving from one square to the next. 

ABOUT JEFF KINDLER: Jeff Kindler is a healthcare executive, investor and advisor who has held leadership positions at some of the world’s most recognized companies. Currently, Jeff serves as CEO of Centrexion Corporation. He is also Global Chair of the GLG Institute and served as a member of President Obama’s Management Advisory Board. Jeff was formerly the Chairman and CEO of Pfizer, the world’s largest research-based biopharmaceutical company, which he joined in January 2002. Jeff serves on the boards of a number of publicly and privately held health care companies as well as several not-for-profit institutions including Tufts University. 

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