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GLG’s Response to COVID-19


May 20, 2020

May 20, 2020

To our GLG community –

In March, I shared that GLG would support the COVID-19 response worldwide by offering pro bono consultations to frontline relief organizations and by redirecting our Social Impact program to focus on fighting the pandemic.

I asked you to help us get the word out – and you delivered.

In just two months, we have begun pro bono projects with over 100 organizations working on COVID-19 relief.

The organizations we’re supporting are tackling the pandemic from many angles. We’re helping a health service set up a call center so their clients can report medical issues and order refills of medications without leaving the house; a biometric technology start-up do contact tracing in countries with less-developed health systems; a non-profit continue to safely deliver food and other vital supplies to low-income communities in the U.S.; a job-training organization help the newly unemployed; a young NYC non-profit enable anyone to send meals to hospital workers and thus support heroic nurses and doctors while giving local restaurants much-needed business; and many more.

I know that many in our GLG community are working hard on multiple fronts to contain the pandemic and assist those most harmed by its economic devastation. We are deeply honored to have been asked to help with these endeavors.

And we want to do more.

So please keep spreading the word. GLG – our platform, experts, and team – are here to help however we can. If you know an organization on the frontline that could use us, or if you have expertise to lend to our efforts, let us know here.

At GLG, we believe that our purpose has never been more important than it is now: We bring the power of insight to every great professional decision. Across our business, we’ve seen a spike in client inquiries about healthcare related to COVID-19. We’ve also seen a spike in questions about how to deal with the economic and social changes brought about by the pandemic.

Whether through our pro bono work or by responding directly to questions from clients, we are trying to help you make a difference. Thank you for entrusting us with that responsibility.

I’m proud of how our community has stepped up at this critical time. The response has been immensely encouraging.

Be well,

Paul Todd