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GLG Represented at TechCrunch International Innovation Summit


November 06, 2016

The TechCrunch International City Event was held in Beijing on November 6, 2016. Leading entrepreneurs, investors, innovation leaders, and cross-sector innovation pioneers, from China and abroad, gathered to share insights into the development of future technology. The topics covered trends ranging from innovation around online finance and robotics to the development of subversive ‘black technologies,’ such as artificial intelligence.

Mr. Evan Auyang, Managing Director and Head of Asia-Pacific of GLG (Gerson Lehrman Group), participated in a panel discussion on knowledge sharing and the sharing economy. He was joined by Zhiwei Zou, head of, and Xiaohua Zhu, co-founder & CTO at Zai Hang (Fen Da).

Mr. Evan Auyang, Managing Director and Head of Asia-Pacific for GLG, speaking at the panel discussion

Mr. Auyang explained GLG’s services and competitive advantage, “GLG is a global platform for professional knowledge sharing and learning, with large businesses such as banks and funds as clients. Before a client gets in touch with our experts, GLG’s professional teams analyze the client’s request and understand the unique needs. This is where GLG differs from other knowledge sharing platforms.” He added, “What’s also important is that, during the process, we help our clients avoid risks associated with sensitive business information.” On GLG’s competitive edge, Mr. Auyang says, “Many investors partner exclusively with GLG, knowing our work together meets their company’s internal compliance obligations and the highest ethical standards. Our industry-leading compliance framework is not only an important distinction for GLG, it’s critical to our clients’ success.” Mr. Auyang also discussed the sharing economy. He believes its development creates an opportunity for economic development. “The sharing economy can eliminate some repetitive labor in the middle. We should develop online sharing along with offline sharing, and seek rapid business growth by integrating online with offline.”

Click here to watch the full panel video.