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GLG at 25: Thank You from CEO Paul Todd


April 24, 2023

April 24, 2023

This year, we celebrate GLG’s 25th anniversary. And with it, the 25th anniversary of our industry. Thank you for being a client – whether you’re new to GLG or have been with us since the beginning.

Throughout our history, we’ve been proud to maintain deep, enduring relationships – 22 of our top 25 clients have worked with us for more than a decade. Thank you for your continued confidence and the trust you place in us to help guide some of your most important decisions.

Twenty-five years ago, we pioneered the expert economy, and in the process, revolutionized the way professionals across all industries get smarter. GLG was founded on the beliefs that first-hand expertise leads to better outcomes and that there’s a world of specialized insight that can bring clarity and confidence to any professional decision.

Those beliefs – and the products they have inspired – have powered tremendous growth for us over the past quarter century, and today, we continue to lead a thriving $2 Billion global industry. We’ve increased our global footprint and built a broad suite of products to inform your decision-making journeys with speed and precision. And we still see incredible potential for GLG and the industry we started.

So, while we’re excited to commemorate this anniversary, we know there’s even more we can do to build on our legacy.

We’re committed to ongoing growth and innovation because we know the work that we do is more needed than ever. Business leaders face a world with too much information and not enough insight. Problems grow more complex each day, and the proliferation of data sources is always expanding. We’re here to help you and your teams navigate these increasingly high-stakes situations with trusted service, expanded offerings, and importantly, the integrity we have become known for.

We’re doubling down on providing exceptional service. We’re accelerating the development and delivery of our product experiences – like our surveys and content library – to power your decisions at every step. We’re continuing to build our network of experts that’s already deeper and richer in insight than any of its kind. And we’re investing in our data-powered platform to be ever faster and more precise in matching you to the right expertise. If you haven’t used GLG lately, I’d ask you to give us a try and please let me know directly what you think.

Thank you for helping us build our legacy over the past 25 years. We look forward to commemorating the impact of our work and celebrating with you throughout the year.

With momentum and a huge runway ahead of us, we can’t wait to see what the future holds.

Paul Todd