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Former BrightCo Leaders Pippa Biddle and Rebecca Kantar Join GLG Share


September 19, 2014

Rebecca Kantar and Pippa Biddle Join High-Growth Startup Learning Platform

New York, New York; September 19, 2014 — GLG today announced that Rebecca Kantar and Pippa Biddle, formerly of BrightCo, have joined GLG Share, the professional learning membership for high-growth startups. Kantar and Biddle will leverage the experience they gained running BrightCo, a platform connecting brands and investors to Millennial expertise, to help grow GLG Share and further GLG’s commitment to the startup community.

“Our mission is to transform the way the world’s top professionals share expertise and learn. And for two years, BrightCo has been changing the way top professionals think about and learn about Millennials, by connecting them with leading young entrepreneurs, innovators, and creatives,” said John Donoghue, GLG Head of New Markets, who oversees GLG Share. “We’re excited to welcome Rebecca and Pippa to GLG Share.”

GLG was founded in 1998 to serve professionals who needed perspective that couldn’t be found in one-size-fits-all industry reports. GLG began connecting its clients with smart people who had firsthand expertise or operational experience. Today GLG serves the world’s leading investors, entrepreneurs, corporations, consulting firms, nonprofits, and startups. Its more than 400,000 teaching members include policy specialists, academics, engineers, former C-level managers, and professional leaders. GLG leverages its membership to scale one-to-one learning, pairing its members thousands of times a week, around the world.

GLG Share launched in early 2014 to connect high-potential startups with GLG’s expansive teaching membership. Current members include Bluebox Security, Casper, Celery, The Muse, OrderWithMe, Recombine, and Soylent, among others. Kantar and Biddle will bolster GLG Share’s conversation with startups and grow the community aspect of the membership through regular discussions, salons, and other gatherings.

BrightCo launched in 2012, connecting brands, organizations, and investors with young entrepreneurs, innovators, leaders, and creatives for unique generational insight and perspective. “Ask any founder what resource he or she relies on most, and you’ll hear the name of someone, not something. GLG Share helps founders meet the leaders they need to know – leaders who can help them to ask the right questions, who can answer their hardest questions, and who can expand their networks,” Kantar and Biddle said. “We hope we can bring a new energy and new perspective to this effort.”

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