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Expert Platforms, GLG Featured in New Report


May 25, 2018

The Rise of the Expert Economy is the subject (and title) of a new report co-authored by Bruce Reed, co-chair of The Aspen Institute Future of Work Initiative and former Chief of Staff to U.S. Vice President Joe Biden, and Matthew Atwell of Civic, a bipartisan policy ideas company.

The independent report, subtitled Could Sharing Wisdom Be the Next Gig, details the origins of platforms like GLG that connect business to expertise for smarter, faster decisions, and traces the evolution of the sector into a billion-dollar – and fast-growing – industry. It can be found in full here, and the summary is available here.

Among the report’s findings are that top expert firms work with nearly 1.5 million experts, about the number of active Uber and Lyft drivers in the United States combined. The numbers the report reveals are substantial and growing fast (although experts don’t work as often as drivers, and in both sectors there may be some overlap if drivers or experts work for more than one firm).

“The expert economy,” the authors write, “is built on two simple yet radical principles: First, that each of us is an expert at something, even if we don’t think so; and second, that our expertise is worth sharing and has real value to someone else.”

GLG supported this independent report.