At GLG, the Future of Work is Already Here


March 07, 2022

By Richard Socarides, Chief Communications Officer at GLG

Over the past two years, we’ve learned that we can work effectively, and even thrive, when remote. We’ve also learned that flexibility provides real benefits, from hours saved not commuting to better access to wellness tools and childcare to additional choices in where to live. While many of us miss the spontaneous conversations and social connections full-time office life provides, we need to keep adapting to meet the moment we’re in.

At our company, GLG, the future of work continues to evolve. What started out of necessity went on to become the way forward – a result of ongoing employee feedback and insights from our leading experts in the space. These decisions are not made behind closed doors. They’re made with the input of thousands of colleagues, an approach that clearly resonates. We now see two key models for our organization: flexible working, where people come to an office a few, or several days a week, month, or quarter; and fully remote working with opportunities to get together on a few occasions throughout the year.

Connection still matters. But we want to be more intentional about how and when we spend time together in person.

Moreover, “DEI initiatives and ‘future-of-work’ planning are inextricably linked,” as was recently pointed out by Sheela Subramanian and Ella F. Washington in Harvard Business Review. At GLG, our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion has only deepened in this period – when we, as others, hope to come together to press for solutions to longstanding inequities. Actively supporting policies like a hybrid blend of in-office and remote work ensures employees all have the opportunity to thrive, regardless of individual circumstance.

As we grow our teams around the world, we’re mindful also that under certain circumstances remote work may disproportionally favor established employees. How can we create more mentorship opportunities and “water cooler” moments in a remote work environment? In February, we launched GLG Groups, a program that connects GLGers across the company around key topics to support career development. We see this as an opportunity to provide virtual forums for our colleagues to learn from each other on their own terms. We’ve also expanded manager training to ensure career path discussions are taking place.

We’ve been a pioneer of flexible work both inside our offices and out. With the opening of our New York-based global headquarters in 2014, we were among the first companies to embrace activity-based working, a then innovative concept that eschewed personal workspaces for a more adaptable and collaborative approach. As those who have visited any one of our offices can tell you, impromptu conversations between and among colleagues, experts, and clients in one of our large central atriums or coffee bar areas is common.

The future of work, in many ways, is already here. And flexibility is at the center of it.