Extra Support When You
Need It

When you’re faced with staffing constraints and gaps in expertise, or need an objective third party to mitigate potential biases, you can turn to GLG for support. Our team will connect you with a subject matter or research expert to prep for or conduct calls, manage surveys, or take on other primary research challenges.

Solve Your Clients’ Challenges with Confidence

Access to our experts can help you conduct your research quickly and thoughtfully so you can make strong recommendations that add unparalleled value for clients.

Expert Interview Guides

For highly technical engagements, our Network Members can use their expertise to write interview guides for you and even conduct interviews on your behalf.

Moderated Expert Calls

Use a moderator for expert calls so you can remain anonymous and receive unbiased insights.

Complex Survey Support

Partner with experts to run price optimization surveys, MaxDiff surveys, conjoint analysis, or other complex research methodologies and conduct back-end analysis faster.

White Paper Research & Creation

Create thought leadership content for your clients by partnering with GLG experts to conduct supporting research and analysis so you can publish your findings quickly.

Read About Some Recent GLG Research Engagements​

Writing a White Paper with an Expert


When a consulting firm’s client expressed interest in trends and developments in artificial intelligence, GLG sourced an expert with top-tier tech experience to design an interview guide and survey questionnaire. The data gathered from five expert calls and 250 survey respondents was used to create a white paper, which the client finalized and published.

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Analyzing a Client’s API Manufacturing


A consulting firm had calls with nine pharmaceutical manufacturing experts to share insights into best practices and automation. Then they partnered with an expert to conduct a thorough, ongoing analysis of the client’s processes. The final analysis gave in-depth recommendations on how the client could improve processes and develop new API products.

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Our experts have deep research experience.
Read some of their best practices.

Top 8 Tenets of Survey Design


You want answers. But, how you design and run a survey is essential for actionable answers.

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How to Interview a Subject Matter Expert


Make the most of your insight-seeking reconnaissance mission while keeping the conversation friendly and logical.

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Measure What Your Customers Want


At the heart of market research is an understanding of what’s truly important to people. Sometimes, it’s as easy as asking them. Other times, we need a more sophisticated approach.

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