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On your timeline and within your budget, GLG Integrated Insights can be designed to fit your firm’s unique research needs around stressed debt and distressed credit investing or other challenges facing direct and private lenders. We fully adhere to the compliance requirements of credit and multistrategy clients while helping you engage in confidential and proprietary strategic research.

The Resources Credit and Multistrategy Investors Need

GLG supports every stage of the research life cycle. We apply qualitative, quantitative, and/or hybridized research strategies to create solutions according to your needs. GLG’s agile and flexible service teams guarantee that you will see the best research mix for your time frame, interest, and goals.

Extra Support When You Need It

B2B and B2C Market Surveys

Assess the market, complete business and competitive analysis, and/or hear directly from your target audience.

Accounting Reviews

Receive an objective assessment and a valuable second opinion as you evaluate opportunities and complete company valuations.

Moderated Expert Calls

Rely on industry experts to conduct important calls on your behalf.

Focus Group Research Panels

Gain a comprehensive perspective from expert-led and moderated in-depth interviews and research panels.

Talent On Demand

Experts can attend investment committee meetings or complete confidential information memorandum reviews and data analysis.

Deal Specialists

In line with your requirements, strategic introductions to executives who can assist with business and asset valuation.

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Our experts have deep research experience. Read some of their best practices.

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