Finding an Expert Witness to Evaluate Molecular Lab Equipment

A law firm client needed a qualified expert within a week


During the COVID-19 pandemic, a law firm sought an expert witness with experience in molecular diagnostic lab equipment. The challenge was finding an expert with relevant expertise while meeting a fast-approaching expert designation deadline. COVID-19 further complicated the search since many of these experts were extremely busy during this time.

The GLG Approach

The GLG Law team confirmed that the expert witness needed a background in a specific type of lab equipment so they could properly conduct an in-person evaluation of the machines within an abbreviated timeline.

Drawing from GLG’s network of approximately 1 million subject matter experts, we sourced experts with relevant backgrounds and sent three highly qualified candidates to the client. The client conducted complimentary screening calls with all three candidates before choosing its expert.


The client selected a New York–based medical executive with more than 10 years of experience with clinical lab equipment and laboratory assessments. The expert provided a verbal opinion before being named on the designation date.

Why GLG?

A law firm sought an expert witness with experience handling molecular diagnostic lab equipment. GLG sourced and placed a qualified expert to evaluate the equipment on hand at the designation date just a week later.

Project Breadth:

One expert witness placed for an in-person evaluation of physical lab equipment.

Quality Expertise, Quickly:

GLG sourced three qualified candidates from our network of approximately 1 million subject-matter experts. These candidates were identified and sent to the client within one day.

Complimentary Screening:

The client conducted three screening calls before choosing its expert. These are complimentary in GLG’s Expert Witness process to help clients validate expertise and find the right witnesses for their cases.

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