• How can your firm help me find the right expert witness for my case?

    Our firm has an extensive network of screened experts across various fields and industries. We leverage our industry experience to connect you with qualified candidates who possess the precise skills and experience your case requires. If the right expert isn’t already in our network, we’ll expand our search to find you just the right fit.

  • Does GLG work with individuals without representation?

    We typically do not work with pro se parties; please have an attorney of record reach out to us if you need an expert witness.

  • Can your firm provide expert witnesses in highly specialized or niche fields?

    Yes, our comprehensive and customized matchmaking services are designed to connect you with experts possessing the nuanced skills relevant to your case. Whether your case involves technical details, industry-specific best practices, or any other specialized knowledge, we’ll help find just the right expert to meet your unique requirements.

  • Where are your experts located?

    Our network is global and growing, spanning more than 160 countries and virtually every industry function. If you have any specific geographic requirements for your case, please let us know in our kickoff call and we will be sure to incorporate it into your search.

  • What if GLG does not have an expert in their network? 

    We have an on-demand recruiting team dedicated to finding the best expert for your case, should they not already be a part of our network.

  • What does an expert witness search with GLG look like? 

    After we connect with you to discuss your precise needs, we reach out to experts with a series of targeted screening questions to determine the relevance of their expertise as well as their interest and availability to work on the matter. Then we share a list of recommended candidates with you based on their answers to these screening questions. If you’re interested in speaking with any of those experts, we arrange complimentary screening calls so you can determine if the expert is the right fit for your needs.

  • Is there an up-front cost to start a expert witness search?

    Searches with GLG are entirely complimentary, covering the screening, vetting, and possible recruitment of experts outside our membership.

  • What is the cost after choosing an expert witness?

    Should you move forward with one of our experts, you will pay the expert’s hourly rate, which is inclusive of GLG’s fee. Additionally, we serve as the billing and invoicing platform. If you were to start a search with us and end up not needing an expert, the search would be at no cost or obligation to you.

    We are happy to discuss budget and rates we typically see for the type of expert you’re looking for at the outset of the search.

  • What types of cases and industries do you have experience in?

    Our firm has experience in a wide range of cases and industries, from healthcare and technology to finance and beyond. We’ve successfully matched experts across various fields.

  • Do you take on pro bono work?

    While we deeply value the importance of pro bono initiatives, our firm operates with a high degree of selectivity in this regard. We prioritize our resources to ensure that we can deliver the utmost quality and attention to the cases we undertake. This selectivity allows us to maintain the highest standards of service for our clients and means pro bono arrangements are not always feasible.

  • How can I communicate my specific needs and preferences for an expert witness to your firm?

    You can communicate your needs during our initial consultation. We’ll work closely with you to ensure we understand the specific requirements of your case. You can submit your expert request using the form below and we’ll be in touch to discuss your needs and kick off a search.

  • How long does it typically take to find an expert witness with GLG?

    The time frame varies depending on the complexity of your case and the specific expertise required. Our standard timeline is roughly 48 to 72 hours for providing expert candidates. At the earliest, we can confirm available experts within an hour of kicking off a search.

  • What if I have further questions or need additional support during the expert witness search process?

    You can reach out to our team at any time. We’re here to support you and address any questions or concerns that may arise during the search process.

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