Identifying the Right Message for a Product Refresh

Test Your Message Against Your Target Audience


The communications team at a global industrial company needed a product messaging refresh to reflect their evolution from a traditional industrial company to a technology-forward one.

They came to GLG to test potential messages with decision makers in the digital transformation space across their key regions.

The GLG Approach

GLG’s team of market researchers, survey methodologists, and analytics experts designed a quantitative message testing solution. We surveyed a representative panel of 115 decision makers across three regions (U.S., E.U., and India) from GLG’s expert network.

Respondents completed a 10- to 15-minute survey where they were prompted to evaluate three short messages. Modules in the survey captured respondents’ initial perception of messages, as well as brand and value associations.


GLG delivered an advanced methods report that the communications team ultimately presented to the Head of Communications and the CEO. The results helped the client identify the messaging for their products that would likely instill the brand values that would remain with their target customers at the time of purchase.

Why GLG?

GLG helped a global industrial company elevate their product messaging to reflect a brand evolution from traditional to transformative.

Best-in-Class Populations

GLG sourced 115 decision makers from our own high-quality network of experts across three segments spread across the globe.

Dedicated Service Team

GLG gathered its in-house team of seasoned market researchers, survey methodologists, and data analytics experts to manage the project from survey design to deliverable creation.

Targeted Methodology

GLG designed a focused quantitative solution based on how the mind works to gather clear actionable insights.

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