Optimising Medical Technology for Primary Care Workers

Getting First-Hand Concept Feedback from Practitioners


As a leading manufacturer of medical devices, GLG’s client sought ways to improve primary care workflows through optimised technology.

GLG was asked to test the client’s new value proposition with doctors and nurses. The client wanted to know how their concept would resonate with potential customers, if their value prop addressed the priorities of primary care workers, and how they could improve the value prop if necessary.

The GLG Approach

GLG conducted a 15-minute online survey with 100 primary care workers, all GLG Network Members. In the survey, we presented a one-page summary of the client’s value proposition and asked respondents to highlight what they liked most about it and what they wanted to be improved. The survey also covered relevant performance indicators, like concept credibility, perceived uniqueness, and perceived added value.


The insight gleaned from the survey confirmed that GLG’s client was working on just the right thing at the time. Primary care workers perceived a clear added value. Concept heat maps revealed the relative strengths and weaknesses of the value proposition and proved to be extremely useful to fine-tune the concept.

Why GLG?

Best-in-Class Population

GLG uses the world’s largest network of senior decision makers to access the right customer profiles and thus establish the true value of products/services.

Applied Methodology

GLG used its Concept Testing approach to validate the value proposition with potential buyers. We provided a structured framework to derive the right customer insights based on precise, quantifiable concept feedback.

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