Evaluating a New Treatment

Discovering Unmet Clinical Needs


A global healthcare company was evaluating a new molecule for a treatment and wanted to connect with key experts to understand their views on this new molecule. The client was looking to discover trends in today’s treatment landscape and unmet clinical needs as well as understand the experts’ assessment of the molecule’s mechanism of action and suited patient populations.

The GLG Approach

GLG’s project team aligned with the client on their research goals and objectives to develop screening criteria and a discussion guide. We coordinated and moderated 12 60-minute interviews with the screened experts to get their perspective on the new molecule.


The research GLG conducted helped provide insight on when providers would use the treatment, allowing the client to design their clinical trial to show efficacy during the relevant phase, and increased the likelihood of FDA approval while shortening the approval timeline.

Why GLG?

The project was led by one of GLG’s experts with extensive expertise in pharma, life sciences, and diagnostics.

Network of Experts:

The experts engaged in interviews and provided input on target patient populations, combination therapies, end points, effect size, and overall study design.

Research Methods:

GLG’s project team developed and managed the full end-to-end research experience and synthesized key findings into a full report with executive summary to help inform the client as they evaluated their new treatment.

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