Customer Voice Research: New Financial Trading Platform

Combine quantitative and qualitative methods to gain insight into consumer habits, feedback, and decision-making motivations


A leading internet and financial company in China wanted to learn about users’ trading habits, including the main factors that influenced their choice of a trading platform and their views on the advantages and disadvantages of each platform. The company also wanted to explore the factors affecting user stickiness.

The GLG Solution

GLG conducted a questionnaire survey with 500 high-, medium-, and low-frequency users of different trading platforms in the United States. We also conducted in-depth interviews with 10 users from different groups and backgrounds and synthesized and analyzed the results of these activities.


Within four weeks, the GLG team delivered a 60+-page summary report on the main factors that users consider when choosing a trading platform, their past use of such platforms, and how different functions and features of the target platform influenced user engagement.

Why GLG?

Within just four weeks, the team led combined quantitative and qualitative research, in-depth investigation of consumers’ trading habits, platform use feedback, and decision-making motivation factors to help customers optimize the platform investment strategy.

Professional research method

GLG brought together quantitative and qualitative research; controlled the design, distribution, and analysis of questionnaire surveys; and synthesized the results with in-depth interviews to create actionable insights to inform the client’s decision.

High-quality report delivery

GLG appointed a former BCG consultant with nearly 10 years of consulting and research experience to act as the lead writer. The consultant cross-verified the client’s core assumptions from multiple perspectives and provided a clear and logical report.

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