Assessing Vaccine Feasibility

Uncovering Opportunity When Developing a Vaccine


A pharma client wanted to understand the market need, opportunity, and technical feasibility associated with developing a vaccine. They were looking for a better view of the current landscape for the prevention, treatment, and management of a vaccine to inform requirements to serve clinical adoption and go-to-market considerations.

The GLG Approach

GLG findings were primarily sourced from conducting 16 in-depth 1:1 interviews with physicians and researchers. Experts were interviewed on topics of interest including clinical and nonclinical needs, receptivity to a new mRNA approach, technical requirements, rollout and adoption, and key considerations for a go-to-market strategy.


This research uncovered the feasibility of developing an mRNA vaccine for select indications and supported the client’s internal business case for further developing their investigational research department.

Why GLG?

GLG’s research supported the client’s internal business case for further developing their investigational research department.

Quality Data:

GLG’s research team managed the end-to-end process for collecting and delivering quality data, helping the client open untapped research for vaccine development and remain a leader in vaccine development.

GLG Experts Engaged:

The client was connected to experts across the healthcare industry, matching them with the right mind and the right experience for their needs, including primary care physicians, infectious disease experts, researchers, gynecologists, and pediatricians.

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