Navigating the Landscape of Generative AI: A GLG Survey Reveals Enthusiasm, Concerns, and Areas of Focus

Navigating the Landscape of Generative AI: A GLG Survey Reveals Enthusiasm, Concerns, and Areas of Focus

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In recent years, the advent of generative AI tools have sparked considerable excitement across various industries. Businesses are increasingly recognizing the potential of large language models (LLMs), image-generation tools, and related technologies to revolutionize their operations. However, concerns about potential risks have emerged alongside this enthusiasm.

A recent GLG survey shed light on the attitudes of corporate leaders and IT decision makers toward generative AI. The survey, which involved 101 senior IT and business leaders in the United States and Canada, aimed to capture insights into the opportunities and challenges associated with adopting generative AI technologies.

Key Findings

  • Enthusiastic Exploration with Limited Preparedness:

    • The survey revealed a high level of enthusiasm among respondents for experimenting with generative AI. However, it also highlighted a general lack of preparedness to fully adopt this new technology. Many businesses are currently in the pilot or experimental stages as they navigate the complexities of integrating generative AI into their workflows.
  • Focus on Internal Process Efficiency:

    • A significant 77% of respondents are utilizing generative AI to improve internal process efficiency. This suggests a strategic approach to leveraging these tools to optimize business operations and enhance overall efficiency.
  • Privacy Concerns and Intellectual Property Protection:

    • Concerns over the impact of generative AI on the privacy of customer data emerged, with 74% of respondents expressing apprehension in this regard. Additionally, there is a strong focus on protecting intellectual property, reflecting the broader concerns surrounding the responsible and ethical use of AI technologies.
  • Potential for Cost Reduction:

    • An overwhelming 88% of respondents believe that generative AI has the potential to reduce costs over the next five years. This optimism indicates a growing recognition of the economic benefits that can be realized through the integration of generative AI into various business processes.

About the Research

The survey conducted by GLG in October 2023 targeted decision makers with authority over the selection of generative AI technologies and services. The sample of 101 senior IT and business leaders provided valuable perspectives on the current state of adoption, areas of opportunity, and lingering concerns.

The Takeaway

As businesses tread the path of integrating generative AI into their operations, there is a need for a balanced approach. While enthusiasm for the potential benefits runs high, addressing concerns related to data privacy, intellectual property, and responsible AI usage is crucial. The findings from this survey serve as a valuable resource for businesses looking to navigate the landscape of generative AI, offering insights that can guide strategic decisions and shape the responsible adoption of these transformative technologies.

Download the full eBook, Navigating Generative AI: Corporate Perspectives from Business Leaders.


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