Are CEOs Optimistic about the Year Ahead?

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This year’s GLG CEO Survey finds CEOs in transition as their companies emerged from the worst of the pandemic. Overall, the executives we surveyed seem optimistic, expressing confidence that both their companies and the global economy will grow in the coming year.  

The survey was conducted in November 2021 and consists of a total of 471 CEO respondents across a range of industries, with 162 respondents from the Americas, 152 from EMEA, and 157 from APAC.

Key Survey Findings

Growth in the Time of COVID-19

Did revenue grow, decline, or stay flat in 2021?

Factors Impacting Business

Will COVID-19 continue to be the major factor, or will other factors supersede it?

Workforce Challenges

Talent acquisition was top of mind in the 2020 CEO survey. Has it changed for 2022?

The Global Economy

Do this year’s CEOs feel optimism for global economic improvement?

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Unpacking the 2022 GLG Global CEO Survey


In this episode, Ron Williams, former CEO of Aetna, discusses the GLG CEO Survey, giving us a top executive’s take on the findings.

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