What Are Global CEOs Saying About the Year Ahead?

This year’s GLG CEO Survey found CEOs facing a confluence of challenges even as the pandemic waned. With rising inflation and a global recession looming, some of the executives we surveyed expressed optimism about their company’s growth, but confidence seemed weaker than previous years.

This global CEO survey was conducted in November 2022 and consists of 458 CEO respondents across a range of industries, with 150 respondents from North America, 158 from EMEA, and 150 from APAC.

Key Survey Findings

Revenue in Challenging Times

Did company revenue grow, decline, or stay flat in 2022?

Factors Impacting Business

As pandemic concerns fall, what do CEOs say are now their top challenges?

Workforce Challenges

Talent acquisition was top of mind in last year’s CEO survey. Has it changed for 2023?

Investment Forecast

Last year saw CEOs doubling down on sales and marketing investments. Is that true for 2023?

CEO Survey 2023: Diminished Optimism


Just under half of the CEOs we surveyed said they feel “confident” or “highly confident” that their revenue will grow in 2023, a huge difference from past surveys which were more optimistic.


CEO Survey 2023: Analyzing the Results


In our fourth annual survey, we interviewed more than 450 executives. And the results tell a markedly different —and less optimistic — story than in previous years.

Yet numbers don’t tell the whole story. Fortunately, our guest today, Sheri McCoy, the former CEO and Director of Avon Products, Inc. is here to help analyze the results, and add her own perspective to the conversation.


Webcast: IT Challenges & Opportunities


Join us as we discuss how the priorities and concerns of organizations’ leaders will impact IT spend, digital infrastructure and strategy, and innovation.

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