eBook | Strategies for Insight

More than ever, the business world is inundated with data. You can access centuries of knowledge in microseconds, compare complex business models, or teach yourself about new industries and topics in a single afternoon. This knowledge is important, but not always actionable. It is a start, a way to begin a journey. To obtain true insight, you need to go deeper.

The Strategies for Insight: Best Practices guide outlines three ways to tap the richest vein of insight available: experience. More than anything else, connecting with experts in their field, people whose experience matches your needs, can uncover the unexpected insights that lead to true clarity.

In GLG’s Strategies for Insight guide, we’ll examine three tactics for obtaining insights: Consultations, Surveys, and Expert Engagements. We’ll break down the best practices for each, giving you real strategies to get the most from each methodology. Each section is written by a GLG expert in their respective field about best practices born from their deep experience.