eBook | Insights vs. Information: Why Only Insights Have Impact

Insight takes work. It is the catalyst that creates a change in your knowledge and lights the correct path in front of you. Born of experience, it brings together expertise and experience. Where information can only see something from the outside in, insight describes something from the inside out,

True insight has at least one of these characteristics.

  • It resolves your questions or addresses your challenges, often in unexpected ways.
  • It helps you decide to progress, change direction, or stop a project if necessary.
  • It elevates you and your team, opening doors and displaying new perspectives.

Insight happens only in the context of experience. When insight is applied, it has an impact that can be measured and evaluated; then you can learn from it and glean even deeper insights.

GLG’s Insight vs. Information guide takes a deeper look at the power of insight, how it is derived, and how it can influence your business decisions.