GLG welcomes you to Tackle It In 20, a series of 20 minute Webcasts for business decision makers to refresh their customer insights and research skills.

Bernd Grosserohde | Director, Strategic Solutions at GLG
Eleanor Hawketts | Senior Manager, Strategic Solutions at GLG

Conjoint Analysis is often considered as the most effective survey method for evaluating customer value and willingness to pay. It employs advanced data analysis to simulate customers’ buying choices by considering the trade-offs they make. One key factor that sets Conjoint apart from conventional methods is the tangible results it provides: You can accurately predict how customers will respond to new or improved features, as well as adjustments in pricing.

In this Tackle It In 20, we will discuss:

  • What Conjoint Analysis is and how it works
  • When you should consider using Conjoint Analysis
  • Practical limitations and requirements


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