Gather Quantitative Market Insights

Leverage GLG Surveys at every point of the deal life cycle, including market assessment, commercial due diligence, and portfolio company support.

GLG provides direct access to a global set of B2B experts. We build quality validation into every stage of the survey process, with careful review of respondents and controls to prevent fraudulent or duplicate panelists. GLG has conducted approximately 10,000 surveys for our clients in the past five years.

Survey Populations

While the breadth and depth of our panel of Network Members is second to none, our strongest survey populations across B2B, technology, and healthcare industries include the following:


IT Decision Makers

e.g., CIO, CTO, Function in Information Technology

Marketing Decision Makers

e.g., CMO, Function in Marketing & Advertising

Retail Business Decision Makers

e.g., C-Suite, Owner/Founder, Managing Partner

Procurement & Supply Chain Decision Makers

e.g., Chief Procurement Officer, Function in Procurement & Supply Chain

HR Decision Makers

e.g., CHRO, Head of Learning & Development, Chief Benefit Manager

Network Members at Large Health Systems (250+ Beds)

e.g., Pediatricians, Cardiologists, Surgeons, Pharmaceutical and Hospital Administrators

Surveys Workflow Timeline

GLG can provide reliable and cost-efficient surveys in a timely manner.


Project Scoping (1 business day)

Start by having an introductory call with us to discuss your research objectives, relevant audience, and project logistics. We’ll prepare a proposal that includes pricing, expected sample sizes, and timelines.

Survey Drafting (1 to 3 business days)

We can design your survey for you and incorporate your feedback, or you can draft your own survey and utilize GLG to review your questions.

Programming (1 business day)

Programming typically occurs overnight. You can test the survey as a respondent would and provide additional feedback prior to fielding.

Soft Launch (1 or 2 business days)

Once you approve the survey link, GLG will soft launch the survey. We can then pause the survey to allow for an initial review of the data.

Fielding Responses (3 to 8 business days)

We’ll return the survey to the field and collect the remaining portion of the sample. You’ll receive regular updates on progress and can review the data in real time on our survey platform.

Delivery of Survey Results (1 business day)

Once we reach the sampling goals, you’ll receive an Excel file containing raw data and frequency tables for each question and a PowerPoint with bar charts depicting the aggregated survey data.

Creating Value for Portfolio Companies

Case Study

A private equity client leveraged GLG to support one of its portfolio companies in the consumer goods industry to increase customer loyalty and expand the customer base. GLG partnered with the portfolio company to design a survey that collected feedback from current and potential customers across the U.S.


Cloud Management Solutions Due Diligence

Case Study

A private equity client leveraged GLG to conduct a market study as part of their commercial due diligence process when evaluating a cloud management solution vendor. As part of the market study, GLG surveyed 100 IT decision makers to understand the competitive dynamics and purchasing behavior for these cloud management solutions.


COVID-19’s Impact on Portfolio Companies

Case Study

COVID-19 has had a considerable impact on software spend and business operations across industries. GLG delivered quantitative and qualitative insights needed to evaluate the impact of COVID-19 on a firm’s portfolio companies.

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