Industry Analysis: Cloud Management Solutions

Market Sizing, Competitive Positioning Analysis, and Voice of Customer


A private equity client conducting acquisition due diligence wanted a market study of cloud management solutions utilized by managed service providers (MSPs) and enterprises.

Key questions included:

  • Total addressable and serviceable market size estimates
  • Competitive positioning, threats, and M&A trends
  • Customer dynamics, key purchasing criteria (KPC), stickiness, and demand drivers

The GLG Approach

GLG assembled an engagement team led by a former commercial due diligence consultant from a top-tier firm, along with a 30-year former Microsoft executive who served as an advisor. During the two-and-a-half-week effort, the GLG team coordinated:

  • 10 expert calls from the competitor and customer perspectives
  • A survey of 100 IT decision makers


GLG’s team helped provide a 75-page report about market sizing, competitive landscape, and customer dynamics. Given market tailwinds the diligence team uncovered, the client gained confidence in the investment thesis to proceed with the transaction.

Why GLG?

Unique Engagement Model:

Using GLG’s engagement model, our client gained access to a former Microsoft executive with 30+ years of experience. This accelerated the “get-smart” phase of diligence and ensured final insights were nuanced with first-hand expertise.

Targeted Scope, Precise Methodology:

GLG partnered with our client to pinpoint the critical investment thesis questions, designed a research approach consisting of 10 expert calls and a survey of 100 customers, and helped deliver a 75-page report within two-and-a-half weeks.

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