Customer and Buyer Research

Gathering Qualitative Insights to Inform Buyer Personas


A product marketing team at a large B2B technology company came to GLG seeking to better understand the buyer personas they should target for an upcoming product launch. They sought to uncover these personas’ key attitudes, as well as how their decision making has evolved over time. The team also wanted to know what a day in the life looks like for these buyers, and how they expect their roles to evolve in the coming years.

The GLG Approach

Our client required a population of senior leaders at industry-leading companies, specifically those involved in the buying process as influencers, users, and decision makers. Our project team identified three persona categories, and GLG then sourced or recruited 10 of each target persona across multiple industries.

GLG managed the research project end to end, staffing an experienced market researcher who focuses on the technology space to conduct the 30 qualitative interviews. After the interviews were complete, the project team organized the insights into a comprehensive, cross-sectional depiction of each of the key roles.


During the consultations, the client identified additional roles of interest beyond the initial scope that GLG helped investigate with additional qualitative work. The results of the research culminated in a final report that the client used to develop targeted messaging and a comprehensive go-to-market strategy.

Why GLG?

GLG helped a global technology client prepare its go-to-market strategy by putting it in touch with more than 30 individuals who represented its ideal customer profiles.

Best-in-Class Populations:

GLG sourced chief information officers, chief technology officers, chief development officers, chief information security officers, and more, all from major enterprise companies.

End-to-End Project Management:

GLG managed the research end to end, staffing an experienced market researcher who focuses on the technology space to conduct more than 30 qualitative interviews.

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