GLG Releases 2022 CEO Survey Results


January 26, 2022

CEOs bullish on global economic growth, while wary of supply chain disruptions, competitive labor market, and geopolitical uncertainty

New York, New York; January 26, 2022 – GLG, the world’s insight network, today released the findings of its third annual global CEO survey, which asked more than 470 CEOs about their priorities and outlook for 2022. The survey found that CEOs are bullish on the year ahead: 68% are confident that their company’s revenue will increase in the next 12 months, while 71% think the global economy will grow, compared to just 51% of respondents heading into 2021.

GLG is the world’s insight network, bringing decision makers the insight it takes to get ahead. GLG’s network of experts is the world’s largest and most varied source of first-hand expertise, with thousands of new experts recruited every week.

The pandemic’s impacts were among the survey’s key themes. CEOs predicted that supply chain disruptions would have the greatest impact on the economy in 2022, and 92% expect the issue to impact their businesses. Only 21% of CEOs, meanwhile, reported that their companies have returned entirely to the office.

“While CEOs are optimistic about the year ahead for the economy and their businesses, the survey highlighted several key challenges that business leaders will have to address,” said GLG CEO Paul Todd. “In addition to the ongoing pandemic and related supply change disruptions, areas of uncertainty include monetary policy, changing regulatory and legislative priorities, geopolitical uncertainty, and talent acquisition and retention. At GLG, we provide our clients with access to the most valuable and actionable insights available to navigate these issues.”

“With nearly 500 respondents, the survey reveals not only where CEOs agree, but also where their perspectives and expectations differ,” said GLG Head of Solutions David Lansanah. “While their pain points and concerns often align, they adopt different solutions to address them.”

The GLG Surveys team conducted the survey in November 2021 and analyzed the results. Access the full report here.

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