Why should you test your marketing messages?

People are inundated with media and ad content — giving you very little airtime with target customers, making the message they hear when they hear it that much more critical.

With the right quantitative research, you can determine if your messaging grabs enough attention to resonate with your customers as they arrive at their purchase decision.

Make sure you find the right messaging for the right audience

Get early feedback from potential customers with GLG’s message testing so that you can launch the most effective brand or product campaign. Messaging insights can help you find the language that works for your customers, positioning you in their mind as the ideal business partner.

Gain actionable insight to inform an effective product marketing campaign

Does your message grab the attention of customers? Does it evoke the right customer associations? Will it resonate in their mind? GLG’s message testing pinpoints the best content to pique customers’ interest and remain in their memory.

Rely on rigorous research design that considers behavioural science

Our research team built a methodology using the science behind how the mind intuitively absorbs messages. When people absorb a company’s message, it tends to be fast and automatic. There is little mental space given to deep thought or reasoned consideration.

GLG’s message testing research can help you identify the associations your customers immediately make with your chosen language. This can help you craft a message that remains with your customer. Your message shall resonate with your customers over time — but it may have only a few seconds to strike a chord.

Why GLG?

GLG’s targeted sourcing approach, thoughtful and experienced researchers, and network of approximately 1 million experts give you the confidence that your messages will be tested with the right methodologies against the ideal B2B panel.


Spotlight: Find out how GLG helped a client reveal a clear winning message for a cybersecurity solution as well as differentiated insights around each message’s strengths and weaknesses. Download the case study here.


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How to get started

If you need to test marketing language ahead of a product launch, GLG can support you. We will design and execute your survey quickly and efficiently and deliver results though an online dashboard. A team of dedicated research experts will guide you from start to finish.