Testing Messages for a Cybersecurity Solution

Measure the Impact of Cybersecurity Solution Messages on Customers


A client came to GLG wanting to understand what marketing messaging would be best to target customers for a cybersecurity solution.

The client wanted to choose among six short messages, each aimed at marketing the value of a new solution from a cybersecurity provider.

The GLG Approach

GLG’s team of market researchers, survey methodologists, and analytics experts designed a survey to fit the way the mind processes and evaluates marketing messages. People react quickly to marketing messages, so the survey included exercises to capture intuitive reactions to messages.

We surveyed the target consumer audience across several regions (U.S., U.K. and Germany). For the main exercise, respondents chose their favourite message across several message pairs until a final winning message was determined. The study also captured respondents’ ability to recall the messages, as well as the values they associated with each message.


GLG’s study revealed a clear winning message as well as differentiated insights around each message’s strengths and weaknesses. The research delivered rich insights around the best messaging for a cybersecurity solution.

Why GLG?

Expert Service Team
GLG is especially equipped for evidence-based quantitative solutions. Our in-house team includes seasoned market researchers, survey methodologists, and data analytics experts with a background in behavioural economics.

Targeted Methodology
Our focused quantitative solution is based on how the mind absorbs messages to gather clear, actionable insights.

Best-in-Class Populations
GLG has access to niche target populations from its high-quality panel of experts across the globe.

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